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cogtherapy's Journal

Applying cognitive therapy to daily life
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This is a commuinty for people who are attempting to put cognitive behavioural therapy into practise in their own lives. Share with us your discoveries from cognitive therapy, tips you have for making the most of cognitive therapy, any difficulties or questions you may have, etc.
The rules of this community are those of respect for one another. We can understand that if you are suffering from a mental illness, it's difficult to keep things in perspective, but we expect members to treat each other with consideration and respect. We are going through the same things and require and deserve support, not abuse.
If you have any suggestions for interests to add to the list, or ways to make this community get off the ground and running, please let me know :-)
The cognitive therapy I'm familiar with is 'Feeling Good' by Dr. Burns, hence the mention in the interests list - but any kind of cognitive therapy is welcome here!