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Hi there
Guess I ought to introduce myself. I never introduce myself in communities though, I tend to just wade in as there's generally too many people to remember anyway. But....well this community is brand spanking new, and I made it, so:
My name is Alison, I'm the mod. This is my third bout of depression. They don't tend to last very long - a few months to a year - but they keep coming back and I think the distortions I have affect me even when I'm not depressed (I'll do tests that are supposed to show if you need treatment, and I come up with depressed even when I'm in a good mood.) After my last bout (4 years ago) I bought Dr. Burns' 'Feeling Good' book and attempted to work through it. Now I'm depressed again I'm trying to put the principles into's hard.....but then everyhing seems to be when I'm like this.
Anyway, I'll post more specific stuff as and when it occurs to me, and I hope you will too.
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