Jaclyn (jaclynl) wrote in cogtherapy,

Putting things into perspective

Things have gotten worse for me lately and I wonder if it is just a stop on the road to recovery, like I need to go through this to really be better. Lately I have been really evaluating myself and what I'm finding isn't the greatest. I am wondering when it is appropriate to tell yourself your thoughts aren't true and try to pump up your self-esteem, and when it would be wiser to really examine yourself and be honest about what you find. In therapy I find everything is positive, for instance my therapist will tell me there is nothing wrong with me when I am sad that I don't have many friends instead of letting me believe that I am unlikeable. But what if it is true? What if I really am not nice, what if I am one of those people who everyone avoids, that everyone talks about behind their backs? Is it better to try to face that and change it or ignore the situation and tell myself I'm being delusional to save myself from deeper depression?

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