Jaclyn (jaclynl) wrote in cogtherapy,


I have resisted medication up until this poinbt because I figured I could get through my depression with therapy and some of the techniques I have learned. My therapist is thinking I may be a "chronic" depressive, and that I am probably prone to depressive episodes. While we both feel that I am making significant progress I still say that I have only lifted from a 10 depressive state to maybe a 7 in a little over two months. She suggested I think about medication but said that if I continued on the same path my depression would probably lift but not very quickly. She said she thinks medication might make a significant improvement. She can't perscribe medication, and I really don't feel pressured at all, but because of my past I am thinking maybe I do need to be medicated. Any thoughts? Is anyone else on medication?

- Jaclyn
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