synergetic (synergetic) wrote in cogtherapy,

A good idea...

Having a community like this is a good idea. I've had anxiety and depression for over two years and pretty much the only thing that has made life liveable is CBT. I was first pointed to some of the methods through some books that didn't mention that was what it was. By the time I started counselling and thus CBT, I was already making sense of a little of the things in my head and it just happenned that some of the techniques I was developing alone were CBT related just the CBT ones expressed what I was trying to do much better and came up with things I hadn't figured out. I used it to at least make depression eminently bearable for the last year and a quarter enough that I stopped getting really depressed and recently I've managed to use it to help a hell of a lot with anxiety aswell. Enough, at least, that I can dig myself out of any bad mental state within a few days of dropping into one. I've learnt a hell of a lot about how my own brain works and why it gets stressed and depressed and how to counteract this and if anyone wants that knowledge, in case it's applicable to them, I would be most grateful to pass on what I know. Similarly, if there's anything anyone else knows, techniques that work for them for the same problems or ways of approaching things, I'd love to learn.
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